It’s that time again! Crawfish season is upon us! Here are a few tips and tricks to have the perfect boil. And when you’re ready, check out this recipe.

1. You must have live crawfish. You can buy them at a multitude of fish markets in our area, but our favorite is Maria’s Seafood in Pensacola. 

2. You will need 1-3 lbs per person if serving as an appetizer, and 3-5 lbs as a main course. Most are sold by the sack at about 30 lbs. 

3. You will have to clean them. They are full of mud. 

4. You will need a giant pot. At least a 60qt pot to cook 30 lbs. In addition, you will need a gas burner and an ice chest for steaming them after they boil. 

5. Get your sides ready. We recommend corn on the cob, potatoes and sausage, but you can try onions, mushrooms and garlic. 

Stressing that this may be too much to do on your vacation? No worries! You can hit Cubs Crawfish for your craving without the work. 

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