Gulf Shores’ Top Annual Events: Celebrating Spring from March through May

As winter’s chilly embrace eases, the enticing Gulf Shores at Fort Morgan, along with Perdido Key and Orange Beach, call out with their warm winds and the allure of sun-soaked escapades. During the sprightly springtime of March through May, both residents and tourists eagerly participate in an array of thrilling celebrations.

Orange Beach Festival Of Art (March)

For more than forty years, welcoming the spring season has been extra special in Orange Beach – all thanks to the Orange Beach Festival of Art! It’s an event we all look forward to, a vibrant mingling of locals and visitors, all gathering to appreciate a rainbow of creative expression. We’re rolling into our 49th year with this festival, and let me tell you, it’s much more than your average art show. We’ve got visual, performing, musical, and even culinary arts that’ll make your senses sing and stoke your inspired fires.

And it’s not just folks around here who love it. Our little beachside festival has grown quite a reputation, even on a national scale. Thanks to its top-notch offerings, luxury magazine “ALABAMA” crowned it Best Art Show in Alabama three times in the past four years! Plus, it even ranks #76 in the top 100 fine art and design shows across the whole country. Talk about a badge of honor for the range of artistic talent we’re proud to showcase!

One of the best parts about our festival? It bridges the artistic divide, giving you a golden chance to chat directly with the creators themselves. Uncover their creative process, hear about the backstory of their pieces. From surreal sculptures to soul-stirring performances and mouth-watering culinary wonders, every nook and corner of our festival has been lovingly handpicked to promise a multi-layered, enriching experience.

And bring the whole family along! At this event, there’s a splash of art for all ages. So, no matter if you’re a child intrigued by colors or an adult keenly interested in different art forms, our festival has something that’ll catch your eye or perhaps even sway you into participation.

The Wharf Boat And Yacht Show (March)

Cast off for an extraordinary adventure at The Wharf Boat & Yacht Show, the must-attend event for anyone with a passion for boating and a premier assembly for marine sector experts on the Gulf Coast. Distinguished as the “Numero Uno Boat Buying Show” in the northern Gulf region, The Wharf Boat & Yacht Show has cemented its reputation as the ultimate gateway for potential boat purchasers and ocean lovers. The show’s high regard is augmented by an exhibitor lineup that features the who’s who of the marine realm.

Discover the wonders of seafaring engineering with 120 wet slip boats and yachts gracefully resting in the waters, eager for your inspection. Stroll along the docks, enjoy the refreshing sea breeze, and envision the open sea as your forthcoming adventure. On the solid ground, experience the strength and aesthetics of over 700 sport and console boats, each a testament to innovation, cutting-edge technology, and functionality.

The show’s heart lies in the Bridgewalk Area, bustling with activities and basking in the glow of luxury yachts and vibrant vendor exhibits. Here, you’ll find an Event Stage, where informative seminars by maestros of the marine industry and entertaining live music heighten the spirited nautical ambiance.

In keeping with its commitment to being a family-centric event, the show offers fascinating attractions, like Kid’s Art Classes, led by globally celebrated marine artist Larry Rackley. This opportunity enables children to marvel at the magic of boating while tapping into their artistic potential under the guidance of a master artist, creating their own unique keepsake of the Boat Show experience.

The Interstate Mullet Toss And Gulf Coast’s Greatest Beach Party (April)

At the heart of the Gulf Coast’s quirkiest and most looked-forward-to gatherings is the Flora-Bama Mullet Toss. This event is a brilliant tapestry woven with threads of whimsy, charity, and deep-rooted local tradition. More than just a rollicking beach bash, this fête not only pulls folks from all corners of the country but also fulfills a greater mission.

Those new to the Flora-Bama Mullet Toss might chuckle at the thought of flinging fish for fun—but there’s a deeper impact behind this eccentric pastime. With every mullet that flies over the state border, there’s a pledge to uplift the community’s youngsters. That’s right, every entry fee from the fish-throwing revelry goes straight to local youth charities, supporting essentials like education and the Community Drug & Alcohol Council, Inc. (CDAC)’s prevention programs.

Set on the sugar-white beaches straddling Alabama and Florida, this event is a true embodiment of the Gulf Coast’s soul. With open arms, it welcomes participants of all age groups into a festival that celebrates togetherness and the joy of friendly competition. And let’s be clear—the “Mullet” here refers to the beloved Gulf Coast fish, giving this event its equal parts bizarre and endearing charm, all while serving a heartfelt purpose.

The Hangout Music Festival (May)

Plunge into the vibrant heart of the Hangout Music Festival, a celebrated fusion of music and culture set upon the stunning Gulf Shores landscape. A beacon for those craving a blend of sunshine, soft sands, and electrifying live music, Hangout Fest has carved its niche as an unmissable stop on the music festival scene.

With an impressive lineup that spans various musical spectrums, including rock, indie, hip-hop, and electronica, the Hangout Music Festival thrives on its diversity. It’s a place where the air vibrates with melodies from leading and emerging artists alike, offering something for every musical palate. Each year, fans await with bated breath for the announcement of acts, which promise an unforgettable auditory journey from start to finish.

But there’s more to this festival than just music; Hangout Fest invites you to dive into a sea of interactive experiences and leisure activities. Whether you’re serving it up on the beach volleyball courts, relaxing in hammock havens, getting your thrill on amusement rides, or admiring immersive art pieces, there’s a multitude of ways to soak up the festival’s spirited atmosphere. Not to mention, the array of gourmet eats and handcrafted drinks ensures your festival experience is as delicious as it is melodious.

Orange Beach Billfish Classic (May)

The Orange Beach Billfish Classic is renowned within the angling world, symbolizing the vibrant competitive essence that defines the Gulf Coast’s shimmering blue expanses. Catering to aficionados of big game fishing, this prestigious tournament highlights not just the prowess of its participants but also pays homage to the bountiful marine biodiversity of the region.

A Showdown of Titans

In its journey of setting new records, the Orange Beach Billfish Classic’s recent chapter was no less than historic. The tournament witnessed:

In the Blue Marlin Category: The ‘Mollie’ tipped the scales at an astonishing 776.4 lbs, thanks to Brian Stover’s exceptional angling skills, setting a new standard for competitors and etching an unforgettable chapter in the tournament’s annals.

Catch and Release Division: Demonstrating a profound respect for marine conservation, the ‘Briar Patch’ crew amassed 1500 points, underscoring the tournament’s commitment to preserving the aquatic ecosystem through sustainable fishing practices.

Moments of Triumph

The tournament also celebrated significant achievements across various categories beyond catch and release:

Tuna: Led by Charlie Thomas, ‘Fins Up’ boasted a hefty tuna catch of 148 lbs., showcasing the richness and vigor of Gulf’s marine life.

Wahoo: Peter Martin, on the ‘Cotton Patch,’ hauled in a commendable 41.4 lbs. wahoo, exemplifying the precision and skill that the pursuit of this swift species demands.

Dolphin (Mahi-Mahi): Daniel Carter of ‘Miss Mary’ made a notable catch weighing 25.2 lbs., demonstrating the diverse array of game that enlivens this competition.

At its heart, the Orange Beach Billfish Classic embodies more than just the quest for the Gulf’s magnificent billfish; it’s a celebration of a community united by a love for the ocean, fishing, and conservation.

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