We are always on the hunt for where to find the best local delicacies. Mullet is a native white-fleshed gulf fish, that you will see often jumping out of the water to evade predators; its silver scales shimmering in the sun. A recent post by nola.com recommended Marina Oyster Barn in Pensacola for their fresh mullet. This delicate, buttery fish was served fried with multiple dipping sauces and we opted for some of the southern style sides including green beans, roasted potatoes, mac & cheese and grits. It was so good in fact, that we may have forgot to take pictures of it! 

The Oyster barn sits on a marina outside of downtown Pensacola, where you can watch boaters head out for the day, and fishermen reel in their catch. The sunsets are stunning as well. We highly recommend making the trip over for a great, local experience!

Mullet season runs all year, with different bag limits allowed during certain months. See more info at the Florida Fish & Wildlife. 

 Marina Oyster Barn505 Bayou BoulevardPensacola, FL 32503

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