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We love our guests and owners and value their positive feedback! 

8/10/20 - Testimonial from San Carlos Owner

I wanted to thank Luxury Coastal. The reviews are tremendous and I particularly like the "very clean" comments. We would be 5/5 on VRBO had it not been for that one mistake the renter did by giving it one star, but her comments are great. To be honest, I was entertaining a Management Company which would be less costly pertaining to fees, but now I am sticking with you. The comments about the [other] Management Company all have "needs a good cleaning".  Thank you again for spectacular service and for keeping my unit in such good condition.

10/1/19 - Testimonial from Seachase Owner

In early June we sold our unit in Romar House but don't dare think you got rid of us.  Like a bad penny we are back with a unit in Seachase and look forward to your same good service.    Like Romar this unit requires extensive renovation. With LCV's able assistance we're confident this Seachase will rent at least as well as did Romar. Your company has had very impressive growth in the short time we've been around.  This is well deserved as it is an efficient, well run professional operation. Best wishes for continued successful growth.

6/06/19 - Testimonial from San Carlos Owner

I have to commend Luxury Coastal for their outstanding job in caring for my unit at San Carlos in Gulf Shores.   To date we have 26 reviews and a 5 star rating with VRBO thanks to Luxury Coastal’s efforts in keeping the unit spotless and in perfect running order.    Luxury Coastal always responds immediately to any inquiries or issues that surface.   I cannot thank them enough and would recommend Luxury Coastal to anyone looking for a superior Company to manage their rental property.   The staff is always a pleasure to deal with!   Thanks again Luxury Coastal!

01/30/19 - Testimonial from Beach Colony Owner

Luxury Coastal Vacations is, without any doubt, the best vacation home management company on Perdido Key.  Charlene Sanders and her team of professionals have been taking excellent care of my Beach Colony condominium since 2007, and I continue to recommend this company to anyone wanting top service with meticulous, personalized care.  On a day-to-day basis, my condominium is kept spotlessly clean.   The maintenance technicians make sure everything is in place and functioning optimally.  Importantly, the operations team springs into action when a storm approaches, to secure all items and protect the premises. The Luxury Coastal Reservations team is supported by a splendid, web-based reservation application, and every effort is made to ensure that guests, as well as client-hosts, are happy and satisfied with all arrangements. I feel very lucky to have this wonderful company take care of my vacation home.

01/15/19 - Testimonial from Indigo Owner

I just wanted you both to know how sooo very pleased I am with the installation of my new porcelain plank wood floor in my unit at Indigo. The cost estimation, attention to detail in the selection process, and willingness to do additional work was very helpful. The demo was quite a chore as was the storage and protection of furniture pre-install. The knowledge of the Indigo HOA requirements and ensuring they were followed caused the installation to be seamless, while a bit noisy for the residents. I made it up to them, by hosting a game party. (alas Bama lost). However the final product has been proclaimed by everyone to be the best installation job of this type they have ever seen. In addition the painting of the entire condo was excellent. Plus Joey accepted delivery of new area rugs that were installed in time for renters who came in day after Christmas. The whole staff worked up through Christmas Eve to get it ready. Joey's encouragement of me to do this has been the number one reason why I went into this project with such confidence. His enthusiasm during the project and constant updates were so very helpful. His staff are so very professional, and clearly have a high regard for Joey. Thanks so much for all you do with Luxury Coastal Vacations and Property Solutions. They are life savers for me. 

12/17/18 - Testimonial from Seaspray Owner

I want to follow up on the maintenance repair that we had about a month ago when we had a water leak in our unit. In summary, we had a water leak that had been going on for a long time in the ceiling of our kitchen /bar area and it required a plumber and a lot of sheet rock repair.  When we left, the plumber had evaluated the situation but had not completed the repair and we left to go back home. We came back to our unit this week to check on it we were pleasantly surprised at how complete the renovation was.  I am a contractor and to be honest I am shocked at how good the repair was done. You cannot even tell that there had been an issue in our unit. I want to thank the maintenance staff for all of the work that they have done. It is such a comfort knowing that your group can handle these type of situations.

09/18/18 - Testimonial from La Playa Owner

Your team ROCKS! Thanks for the help and concern for the guests vacation experience!  People save money and have such high expectations for their vacations and your team never lost site of what this vacation meant to the guest/family!

08/07/18 - Testimonial from Phoenix VI Owner

Just wanted to say hi and thank you. We are in Orange Beach for the week in our condo for the first time since we remodeled in June. I let our daughters walk in first since they had not seen it yet. They were in disbelief and so very happy. The unit was spotless and ready for our stay. We are so happy we chose Luxury Coastal Vacations. Thank you so much.

09/16/17 - Testimonial from Bella Luna Owner

We wanted to thank you for a wonderful rental season. As you know we were leery about renting our condo for the first time but you and your staff made it a wonderful experience. The rentals were much better than we could have expected and when we returned this weekend after four months of renters we were pleasantly surprised to see that the condo looked just as we left it. Also, the deep cleaning that was done was awesome and the place looks great! Thank you for the care and consideration given to our investment.

1/19/2016 - Testimonial from Indigo Owner

We add our highest recommendation to those of the many other condominium owners who have made Luxury Coastal Vacations the premier condominium rental manager on the northern Gulf Coast in less than a decade.  Charlene Sanders and the Luxury Coastal Vacations staff is personable, competent, accessible, prompt, and courteous.  Their focus is always on doing the very best by both the owners and the renters.  Luxury Coastal Vacations gives new meaning to the words "full service" thereby providing owners piece of mind that their condominium will be well taken care of in their absence, and that the rental income will reflect very satisfied repeat renters.  Read all the testimonials, talk to other condominium owners, and discover why Luxury Coastal Vacations has become the "go to" condominium rental manager.   Jay and Tommie Marsh, Indigo Unit Owners 

12/12/15 - Testimonial from Shipwatch Owner

Testimonials don't come naturally for me.  Having been in the public service business for many years, I'm not easily impressed with companies or their personnel.  Luxury Coastal Vacations and the staff have gone above and beyond any management requirements I've needed.  Situations I didn't realize I needed have been suggested and then completed professionally and in a time conscious manner.  Luxury Coastal Vacations was referred to me by my local real estate agent . Called a mobile number I was given and was connected with the owner Charlene Sanders. Our conversation over the next hour and a half convinced me Luxury Coastal Vacations was the right property management  company for my condo.  Charlene's management expertise has proven itself concerning all situations.  Met Joseph on my first visit since buying the condo and signing with Luxury Coastal Vacations.  Could not have been more impressed with him professionally and personally.  Any management situations have been handled to my satisfaction with no delays. Dana is knowledgeable and patient concerning any accounting and/or scheduling info I may need.  She takes time to explain in detail everything I need to know. And Mandy!  She has to be the most patient, understanding and professional there is.Sorry to say I haven't met Mandy yet but I could not ask for anyone to be there for me no matter what may come up.  Ty and Renee' have provided  excellent care, repair and installation of more projects than I can list.  Again, professional and personable are just two of the words describing these two men.  Met Heather recently and was impressed with her personally, her work ethics and her enthusiasm.  Also met Trish and Andra last week. Due to major renovation I was glad they were there to eliminate all tile dust and dust bunnies!  Great mother and daughter team.  Summing up-------Luxury Coastal Vacations is the management company I would recommend to any property owner who needs top quality professional management with a staff that goes the extra mile for any situation. Linda Horton-Mahaffey

10/10/15 - Testimonial from Phoenix West II Owner

Charlene, I want to thank you for your wonderful management of our condo at Phoenix West II.  Having re-read your mission statement I cannot find one statement that has not been  met. The service you and ALL of your staff offer is so personal and you feel like you are  the only client they service. All of my needs have been responded to immediately  whether it be by phone, e-mail or at the office thus fulling its statement of 24-hour  service. And to those wanting conversation with the company owner please rest assured this is always available. Charlene is very reachable. I have never encountered even a   sigh from any of the staff, reservationist, housekeeping, accounting or operations  teams, just prompt courteous service. The housekeeping staff earns a 5 star rating, I  have never found my condo to be unclean or in disarray. It is without reservation would recommend Luxury Coastal Vacations for the management of your rental units.   Thank you, Steve and Lois Meyers Phoenix West II, Unit 2610 and future management  of Phoenix Gulf Shores 702.

6/29/15 - Testimonial from Multi-Unit Owner

Charlene,  We would like to take this opportunity to tell you how much we appreciate thevery professional, helpful and friendly attitude of all your staff in handling our 4 condos  the past year and a half.   They have never failed to follow up immediately on any of my needs or requests. We have owned condominiums in Florida and Colorado and have never had such a pleasant relationship as we have had with Luxury Coastal Vacations.   In all we have probably had dealings with at least six management companies due to mergers, etc but never have we felt that the management company was concerned with our needs  as well as the needs of the renters.   We now have total confidence in knowing our best interests will be considered and our renters will be well taken care of. Thank you, Barbara & Billy Powell Indigo East 1906, Indigo West 304, LaPlaya 303 and Eden West 408

5/30/15 Testimonial from Indigo Renter

I really appreciate your helping me find a great unit and a great price.  My wife was very exhausted when we arrived.  She was able to get some much needed rest.    I am always plugging you with my friends so I hope I can get some leads for you.  You and your agency are so much better than the big agencies.  There is no comparison.    Thanks so much, Allan Light Memphis, TN

5/29/15 - Testimonial from Bluewater Owner

Our experience with Luxury Coastal Vacations has been tremendous.  The office staff is fabulous – always courteous, always responsive and always savvy about the vacation rental business.  We have also been very impressed with the quality of the housekeeping staff – not only on the basics of a clean and presentable unit ready for a new guest, but on the little custom touches related to bathroom amenities and even organization of the silverware drawer!  Luxury Coastal Vacations understands this industry, and I highly recommend them.     Best regards,  Michael Tune

3/26/15 - Testimonial from Indigo Multi-Unit Owner

I wanted to take a moment to thank you for the extraordinary service you provided to Jan and I for both of our Indigo condos over the past 6 years.  I think when we first signed up with you we were one of only ten units that you were managing. The growth that you have seen in moving to 180+ units is impressive and clearly a result of the confidence owners have in turning over their keys to you and your staff.  To have made the transformation from a small shop to the current size of Luxury Coastal Vacations required you to strategically plan the direction of your brand and provide both renters and owners an experience that exceeded their expectations.    Managing the peak summer demands had to be difficult but I believe that  a key to your success was the hiring, development and retention of talented and motivated people.  Housekeeping, maintenance, booking and billing were overseen by staff members that I was always comfortable calling if I had questions.  Even as we were getting ready to close on the sale of our condo, Joey stepped in and made sure that maintenance items were taken care of.  Shanna’s cleanings were second to none and Chris was always there to be of assistance.  Follow through was always prompt and reassuring, something important to me as an owner whose principle residence is nearly 900 miles away. Although we have now sold our beach condo and are not in the rental business, I would strongly recommend you, whether it’s as a property manager or for those looking for a wonderful rental stay.  Thanks for all your work and attention to detail in the care of our beach home.  John and Jan Sullivan Past owners of Indigo West 1701 and Indigo West 1702 

1/18/12 - Testimonial from Indigo Owner

We wanted to thank you so very much for your dedication to managing our  Indigo Condominium to the highest of standards.  We will really miss you  and hate that our working relationship comes to an end with the sale of  our property.  We have no doubt that your company will continue to grow  because of the excellent customer service you provide to both owners  and renters.  You maintained our property like it was your very own! We  especially liked how clean you and your staff kept it!  We could always  trust your recommendations regarding rental rates or upgrades because  you personally knew our unit and were so in touch with market trends.  You were always attentive to our guests and made sure they felt welcomed  and cared for.  What more could we have asked for? We wish you the best  and if you ever need a positive referral, please do not hesitate to  send them our way! We are happy to sing your praises!!! Warmest Regards,  Chip and Tammy Renno

3/20/15 - Testimonial from Lost Key Winter Renter

As a snowbird returning  to this area for nine years; we have experienced condo rentals from a variety of suppliers, from individual owners to well know larger rental companies. Our experiences have been mixed, when you rent directly from the owner there is no guarantee that the condo you are renting will not be sold and you now have the responsibility to find another place – and usually at the last moment.  Using the larger, more well known suppliers in this area; we found the service impersonal and the rules very rigid. However, meeting Charlene Sanders with Luxury Coastal Vacations changed all of that. This company finds a balance between the owner, the renter and the supplier so that it is a win win win for everyone involved - while minimizing any concerns that may arise during your stay. Should the owners decide to sell; they will go the extra mile to find you an equal or better property that will meet your needs. I have watched this company grow over this past 7 years and to their credit; they have become one of the larger companies here in Perdidio Key and they continue to offer that personalized service. If you are an owner renting your property or a snowbird looking for a rental; you should choose a company that truly cares. They do what is right.    Brenda Oliver, Certified Coach Professional Speaker Leadership Performance Management

10/16/14 - Testimonial from Palacio Renter

Charlene, We loved the condo we stayed in at Palacio (302). We have been coming to Perdido Key for many years and this visit was one of the best. It was so nice to find that the condo was as represented in pictures and absolutely the cleanest we have stayed in. Everything from the linens to the patio furniture was top notch, and the updated decor topped it off. We will definitely want to reserve unit 302 again and come back for a return visit. Palacio Renter from Amarillo, TX 

10/14/14 - Testimonial from Indigo Renter

Ladies, I just wanted to say Thank You so much for once again making our family vacation such wonderful time with everything you do. The condo was wonderful. The details you provided were absolutely amazing. Even when we had a minor issue, the response was incredible and the solution even more impressive. I am so glad I found you all and you have me as long as I am around. Get used to see me coming to you for  fall, spring and summer breaks. If I find another break, I will also look for you!! Thank so much for your services and for putting the effort you put to ensure we all get a wonderful vacation. You know how to treat your customers. Love LCV!!! Indigo Renter from Germantown, TN 

10/6/14 - Testimonial from Lost Key Renter

We are really enjoying our stay. We just love this area and the weather is so much better than Chicago's. Also, thank you for the info you sent regarding restaurants in the area. Very helpful. It is a pleasure doing business with Luxury Coastal Vacations. You are number 1 in professionalism. Thanks again for all your help. Lost Key Renter from Mokina, IL 

10/28/14 Testimonial from Perdido Towers Renter

My family booked our reservations through your company and we had a wonderful vacation. The condo was perfect. We couldn't have asked for anything better. Our condo was Perdido Towers 908W- Sept. 24 through Sept. 28, 2014. I am attaching our family picture that we made on our trip. My husband and I celebrated our 35th wedding anniversary by renewing our vows on the beach. Again, we had a wonderful time and plan to book through your company again next fall.

10/28/14 Testimonial from Indigo West Renter

Dear Charlene & staff, I just wanted to thank everyone at LCV for all of your help in the planning and carryout of my week's stay at Perdido Key. From my initial inquiries through the entire week we were at Indigo, you all answered every question and provided for all of our needs. I have never dealt with a rental company where the responses were so quick, whether by phone or email. No matter who I spoke with or corresponded with, it was a wonderful experience. Your courtesy and friendliness was so much appreciated. As this was our first visit to Perdido Key, we did not know what to expect. We loved the area... so peaceful and beautiful. Our condo was very comfortable and huge, and we absolutely admired the decor! And the weather was perfect! Especially useful to us was your list of restaurant recommendations, and your comments on each. We ate at Fisherman's Corner, Cafe Grazis, The Gulf, Louisiana Lagniappe, Villagio, Jackson's, and Lillian's. We enjoyed each in it's own special way. Thank you once again! Indigo West Renter from Aliquippa, PA 

10/1/14 - Testimonial from Beach Colony Renter

This condo is amazing! It is exactly as pictured and the view is incredible. We particularly loved the west side window where we watched awesome sunsets night after night from our condo! We stayed the month of October and it was the best vacation ever, Beds were very comfortable and kitchen was stocked. ( one suggestion: kitchen needs more sharp and slicing knives. only had 2 and they were dull)...The resort managers at Luxury Coastal Rentals were the best....will not hesitate to use them again. Our vacation experience was flawless and went smoother than any before. Thanks again! Beach Colony Renter from Knoxville, TN 

12/14/14 - Testimonial from SeaSpray East Renter

We were blessed to find this wonderful condo for our one week Thanksgiving vacation!! Loved the awesome floor to ceiling 5th floor view of the Gulf from the living/kitchen area. This feature made it feel as if you were on the beach even when you had to be indoors. Both sunrise & sunset views were gorgeous. The condo was beautifully decorated with an ocean theme that was calm & restful. Beds were comfortable, and I believe the beds in the guest bedroom were queen size rather than full size as stated in the amenities listing. The kitchen was well supplied with amenities & was a joy to cook in. A crock pot was not available for use, but I called the Luxury Coastal Vacations office & asked if there might be one I could borrow from their office. In a couple hours, they called me back & the condo owner had purchased a new one to be left in the kitchen permanently for us & others to use -- GREAT SERVICE that was much appreciated!! All went smoothly from making reservations to checking out. Thank you for sharing your lovely condo & selecting Luxury Coastal Vacation Rentals to manage it. We hope this condo will be available for our next visit to Perdido Key! SeaSpray East Renter from East Tennessee