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"Fisherman's Corner Seafood Restaurant is a favorite of locals and tourists alike..Our mission is to bring you a fine dining experience. Many of our dishes will be of creole influence, all made from scratch and made to order. We make EVERYTHING in our own kitchen, from sauces to dressings to entrees to desserts. Nothing out of a can or scooped from a big pot that has been sitting on a cold stove all day will be served. We ask for your patience if your order takes a tad longer than a chain restaurant. Good food takes time and we promise the wait will be worth it. We GUAR-ON-TEE to serve the freshest and highest quality seafood available. Most of our seafood selections are fresh from our back yard, the Gulf of Mexico. Our steaks are of the highest quality prime beef we can buy and our wine list has been awarded by Wine Spectator as one of the very best in the world. "

Courtesy of Fisherman's Corner website