LCV's Clean Promise Standard

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Luxury Coastal Vacations is committed to enhancing our cleaning procedures to help protect our guests, employees and community against the spread of Covid-19. Our new Clean Promise Standard includes our already rigorous cleaning procedures, with additional steps to ensure we go above and beyond the CDC recommendations to help combat the virus. 

The Clean Promise housekeeping standards include: 

  • EPA cleaners that kill viruses will be used on all hard surfaces/floors. 

  • All commonly used kitchen Items will be washed on sanitize cycle and put away by Housekeeping, and will require inspection and sign-off by inspector. 

  • Cleaning on “High-touch” areas will be cleaned multiple times. High touch areas include:

    • All doorknobs or handles to entryways

    • Light switches

    • Remotes

    • Kitchen cabinet/drawer pulls 

    • Telephones

    • Shower/Tub Handles

    • Blind wands

    • Washer/Dryer knobs

    • Arms of Chairs

    • Clothes Hangers

    • Touch Screen

    • Appliance Handles

    • Toilet handles 

    • All countertops

    • All knobs for turning on/off water facets 

    • Thermostats 

    • All Outside Furniture will be disinfected 

    • Outdoor Balcony Railings 

  • Ventilating Rooms by opening Doors/Windows.

  • Proper Disposal of Disinfectant Wipes/ Paper Towels/ Masks/Gloves after cleaning of each property.

  • Continuance of sponge replacements after each stay (this has always been our policy).

  • New standard coverlet program allows all linens to be laundered and sanitized at a commercial facility, and then delivered in a sanitized bag to each property. 

  • Investing in new disinfecting technology to sanitize hard to clean surfaces, adding an extra layer of protection against the spread of diseases. 

Our enhanced cleaning procedures have been enacted to protect you and your family. The cleaning requirements will be ever-changing, and our team will continue to monitor the CDC and health mandates to ensure the required standards are always the best possible. We don’t know when the COVID-19 pandemic will be over or when our lives will reach a new normal, and we want to do everything within our power to give our guests the reassurance that they will be welcomed into a safe and clean vacation rental.