Terms and Conditions

Luxury Coastal Vacations Rental Terms & Conditions and Resort Policies

Terms and Conditions of Occupancy Agreement, (Hereafter called “Agreement”) between Gulf Coast Owner Services, Inc dba Luxury Coastal Vacations, (Hereafter called “LCV”) and Signer, (Hereafter called “Guest.” “Guest” includes signer, all guests of signer, and any other rental property occupants or visitors.)

This contract is an agreement between the Guest and Luxury Coastal Vacations (LCV) who is acting as the owner’s representative for referenced rental property. Cancellations within the first 24 hours will be allowed subject to a $25 administrative fee. All other policies set forth in this agreement become effective at time of booking and are agreed upon between the renter and LCV once the confirmation email is sent. After 24 hours, all terms and conditions apply. Additionally, entrance into property at check-in constitutes full acceptance of all terms of this agreement between Owner or Owners Representative and Guest.

OWNER’S RESPONSIBILITY: Owner agrees to provide unit in a clean, decent and sanitary condition on arrival of renter. Renter accepts condo as is, and as shown on our website (changes in decor, bedding, furnishings may change without notice). Upon arrival, please inspect condo and notify owner of any problems. Please report any housekeeping issues within 3 hours of arrival so LCV can promptly address issues. Renter agrees to give owner and LCV a reasonable amount of time to resolve any problems that may be encountered on arrival or during stay at property. On some rare occasions, the condo may not be cleaned before your check-in, by inadvertent fault of cleaners. If condo is not cleaned with fresh towels and linens upon check-in to our condo or if you find any other problem(s), Renter agrees to call LCV immediately, so that we may fix problem(s), as deemed necessary by LCV and/or Owner and at LCV/Owner's sole discretion. Housekeeping refunds/adjustments will not be given for unit cleaning issues unless they are not corrected after LCV has been notified and given a reasonable opportunity to remedy.

CHECK-IN: Check-in begins at 4PM. During peak summer periods, check in may be delayed due to our commitment to providing a clean and inspected unit. If you plan to arrive after 4PM please email us at reservations@luxurycoastalvacations.com so we can best prioritize the cleaning schedule and be able to spend extra time preparing your rental. Please note, if you enter the rental before check-in time during our peak seasons (March through August) without approval, a $200 early check-in fee will be charged to the card on file.

CHECK-OUT: Check out is at 10AM. Please give us a call at 877-859-0113 if you will be departing early so we can schedule housekeeping accordingly. Any late departures (after 10AM) will be subject to a charge of an additional day, which Guest acknowledges and authorizes to be automatically charged to the credit card on file. Please be sure to refer to and follow the Departure Instructions that will be provided prior to arrival. Missing items (such as keys, arm bands, parking passes, fobs, lanyards, etc) will be charged to Guest. Lost keys will additionally result in locksmith re-keying services that will be charged to Guest. Owner/LCV is not responsible for items left in the unit, but LCV will be happy to return lost items when found if requested (items will be shipped for a $5.00 handling fee plus actual shipping costs). Items found will be only be kept for 30 days.

AFTER HOURS EMERGENCIES, SERVICE CALLS, AND LOCKOUTS: Contact Luxury Coastal Vacations at 850-332-5120 in the event of an after-hours emergency. Service calls made necessary by actions of Guests/Visitors shall be solely at Guest expense and will charged to the credit card on file or deducted from the security deposit including, but not limited to: lockouts, clogging toilets with moist wipes or other non-flushable items, not leaving key in lock box, or otherwise not accommodating unit access during scheduled time. Any such service calls will result in a minimum $40 service call fee, higher for after hours, weekends or extended repairs.

PETS AND SMOKING: PLEASE NOTE- Pets and smoking are not allowed in rental property (including balconies and patios), and renter agrees not to bring pets into unit or smoke in condo, balconies, service halls or elevators, or any other indoor or prohibited outdoor area. Any evidence indicating violation of these terms as deemed by owner/management will result in a minimum $500 fine charged to your credit card/deducted from security deposit plus any additional damage costs or cleaning fees that may be incurred. Any posted non-smoking signs on resort grounds should also be strictly obeyed, and guests can only smoke in designated smoking areas (if available.) Smoking in a prohibited area will result in a fine imposed by the resort. Smoke detectors inside the resort buildings, particularly but not limited to elevators, are sensitive to any airborne particulates (cigarette/cigar smoke or vapors, aerosol spray, water vapor, etc.) and are easily triggered due to the small confinements and close proximity of detectors, which creates a false alarm. Triggering any indoor alarms, regardless of substance will resort in a fine imposed by the resort. Unless otherwise noted, pets (including pets belonging to non-paying guests temporarily visiting unit) are at no time permitted within the rental property, nor permitted anywhere on the property unless the resort/complex is “Pet Friendly” and you have registered the pet with our office, the Pet Addendum is executed and the per pet, non-refundable pet fee has been paid. Any indication of any pet being on the property without prior approval and payment of the pet fee will result in a $500 per pet fee on your credit card/deducted from your security deposit plus any additional damages or cleaning fees that may have been incurred. If we are called out by a complaint of your pet disturbing the neighbors you will be charged a service call fee of $50 and may be asked to vacate the property with no refunds, in addition to the above penalties. Smoking or any pet found in a Non-Pet-Friendly unit is a clear violation of this Agreement and will result in immediate eviction from the property with no refund, whatsoever, of payments made. Smoking or unapproved pets in any Luxury Coastal Vacations unit will result in a minimum $500 fee.

MINIMUM RENTAL AGE: Renter must be at least 25 years old with valid driver’s license and all members of the rental party must be either 25 years of age or older or traveling as part of a family with at least one member of the party 25 years of age or older. However, certain properties may have alternate age restrictions. Please make sure to refer to the specific rental listing page for details. Luxury Coastal Vacations is authorized to verify age at check-in or at any time during stay. The qualifying person renting the property is responsible for the conduct of all guests and other occupants, and that person must occupy the property for the full term of the reservation.

Underage renters will not be given access to unit or will be required to leave without refund if this requirement is not met.

CONFIRMATIONS: The emailed rental confirmation you receive serves as confirmation of your reservation. Please review the information carefully to verify the property rented, the dates of the rental, and the applicable charges and any special notes. Contact us within 24 hours of time of booking to report any errors. After 24 hours, the confirmation is considered accurate and all terms and conditions apply. Future promotions or discounts will not be applied to existing reservations.

ITEMS PROVIDED WITH YOUR RENTAL: Luxury Coastal Vacations provides the following items and start-up supplies unless description states otherwise: dish towels, fully equipped kitchen (accommodates the total occupancy number), bed linens, bath towel sets (minimum 1 per person), kitchen towels and dishcloths, one roll of paper towels, small container of dish soap, 1 load supply of dishwasher detergent, dish sponge, trash liners (one per can), and 1 load supply of laundry detergent (for units that include washer and dryer), one roll of toilet paper per bath, soap in every bath, shampoo, conditioner, soap, and mending kit in master bath. If staying more than one night, guest will need to bring or purchase additional supplies, or LCV can provide additional unit supplies for a fee with advance notification. Units are also equipped with a vacuum cleaner, broom and mop, but no cleaning products or other supplies are provided. 

LINENS: Luxury Coastal Vacations provides all unit linens except beach towels. Luxury Coastal Vacations provides quality linens for you to enjoy during your stay, and we request that you use care with the provided linens to avoid non-accidental damage, including makeup stains. Guest will be charged for any missing linens or linens damaged due to tanning solutions or makeup products that cannot be removed (these damages are NOT covered by Security Deposit Protection). Linens are to remain in Rental Property (PLEASE DO NOT USE UNIT LINENS FOR THE FITNESS CENTER, POOL OR BEACH). Towels and sheets are inspected for damage and inventoried before and after each guest stay. Your unit will have a minimum of 2 towel sets per full bath, at least one set of sheets, blankets, and mattress pad per sleeping surface, bath mats for every bath with a tub or shower, kitchen towels, dishcloths and oven pads. Guest is responsible to report any linen shortages or damaged items within 24 hours of arrival. Renters should report any damaged linens prior to departure in order for the security damage protection to be submitted to cover the damaged items. Renter authorizes Luxury Coastal Vacations to charge to the credit card on file for any unreported missing or damaged linens reported by housekeeping staff after departure. Missing and unreported damaged linens will be charged at new replacement values, including any monogramming and/or shipping fees plus a handling fee.

CLEANING: Luxury Coastal Vacations does everything within its power to have your unit ready by check-in time, but we ask for your patience during busy rental periods. We also have very high cleaning standards that we expect our cleaning contractors to adhere to. If you feel your unit has not received the necessary attention to detail prior to your arrival, please notify us as soon as possible so we can promptly address your housekeeping issues. We ask that you give us the opportunity to fix any unit cleaning or maintenance issues so you can have a relaxing and enjoyable vacation. The departure cleaning fee includes the remaking of the beds with fresh clean linens, laundering bath towels, dusting, vacuuming and mopping all floors, and cleaning and sanitizing bathrooms after your departure. Additional housekeeping services during your stay are available for a fee. If additional cleaning is needed after you check out, any items are damaged or missing (including linens), or furniture repositioned, you will be charged for the additional cleaning service and/or missing items. We ask that sheets are not stripped from the beds, and that any used beds be left unmade. Please do not leave wet items in the washing machine, as linens are laundered off-site. Guests are responsible for removing all open food from the refrigerator, loading dirty dishes into the dishwasher and running it, and placing garbage in the outside receptacles or garbage chutes. If these items are not completed, guest authorizes Luxury Coastal Vacations to charge a minimum fee of $25 to guest credit card.

Reservations of 28 nights or longer will require an Extended Stay Cleaning Fee in addition to the normal Departure Cleaning Fee. This fee might not be included in the initial quote and may need to be added when the reservation is confirmed. Please contact us for details.

MAINTENANCE: Please report any damage or malfunction of equipment to the owner as soon as possible. Failure to do so may incur some liability to the guest. Owner or owner’s representative may enter property at reasonable hours for the purpose of effecting necessary repairs and inspections and repair personnel may enter the premises for the purpose of the repair. Working condition of pools, pool heaters, hot tubs, air conditioning, television, VCRs, appliances, elevators, etc. are NOT guaranteed. No refunds or rate adjustments will be made for mechanical failures, non-working resort amenities, or fire false alarms.

Guest acknowledges that unforeseen repairs and necessary maintenance to the grounds and buildings are managed by individual resorts, and LCV has no control over schedules, the duration or extent of work being done on property or adjacent/adjoining properties, including new construction. There is generally little to no impact, and work is rarely done after-hours or weekends, however when necessary there may be limited or restricted access to certain areas of the grounds or property. In cases where LCV is notified in advance, we will do our best to inform guests of any projects that could be in progress during your travels. No cancellations or monetary refunds will be made for noise or restricted access to elements at property or adjacent properties.

For stays over a week, there is the possibility of a monthly maintenance visit to complete routine services and address any outstanding issues. Access will be required.

DAMAGE WAIVER FEE: Guest shall otherwise be responsible for maintaining and returning said furnishings and property to LCV at the end of the Agreement in the same condition it was in upon occupancy, excluding only normal wear and tear. Guest shall immediately notify LCV upon occupancy if any of the furnishings or property is missing or damaged or guest will be held responsible for damage. If your rental includes the Damage Waiver Fee, you will not be responsible for accidental damages that are the result of inadvertent or unintentional damage to the interior of the rental property up to $1000, provided they are reported to management prior to check-out. Guest is responsible for any expense in excess of $1000. THE DAMAGE WAIVER IS NOT TRAVEL INSURANCE, nor does it cover damages deemed by owner/manager as intentional, non-accidental or as a result of negligence/carelessness are by any occupant or guest of occupants staying in property.

By accepting this rental, you authorize Luxury Coastal Vacations to charge the credit card on file for any costs relating to damages that are not covered by the Damage Waiver and non-reported accidental damages, or any amounts in excess of $1000 for damages that are covered by the Damage Waiver. LCV also reserves the right to pursue legal actions to reclaim non-accidental and/or unreported damage expenses, and for any additional damage fees that exceed $1,000. Certain terms and conditions apply.

Meeting the guidelines listed in the departure instructions will help ensure no charges to your credit card on file or deducted from the security deposit. Additionally, Renter agrees to keep property in good, clean condition, not to rearrange furniture and promptly report any missing/damaged items. Renter also agrees to not access or open the locked closets or areas in or on property. Smoking or unapproved pets in any Luxury Coastal Vacations unit will result in a minimum $500 fee. Owner or other authorized personnel reserve the right to enter the vacation property at any time to investigate disturbances, occupancy and/or damage.

Late check-outs are unauthorized and will result in an additional charge. Keys not returned at check out will result in a $100-200 charge, depending on the property. Exceeding occupancy stated on your reservation confirmation will result in a minimum charge of $300 per person or eviction.

SECURITY DEPOSIT: In some cases, an additional Security Deposit may be required. When applicable, the security deposit will be returned by the 15th of the month following the guest’s rental termination date provided the property is left undamaged, without additional cleaning, no rearranged furnishings and trash removed. Damages that the Damage Waiver Fee does not apply to are not limited to the amount of the security deposit and shall include any and all costs incurred to recover such damages including applicable attorney fees.

PAYMENTS / PAYMENT SCHEDULES: A down payment is due by credit card at the time of booking. The down payment is applied towards the cost of rental and IS NOT a refundable security deposit. Depending upon the unit rented and the duration of stay, the full balance is due 45 - 60 days prior to arrival by credit card, check, or e-check, unless otherwise noted. All payments must be made in USD.

If payment by credit card, check, or e-check is not received by the final payment due date, Guest (Renter) authorizes Luxury Coastal Vacations to process any amounts due to the credit card on file (additional fees may apply). Unsuccessful payment attempts may be subject to cancellation and forfeiture of the down payment as well as cancellation penalties specified below (see CANCELLATION TERMS below). Renter authorizes Luxury Coastal Vacations to charge to the credit card we have on file for any applicable cancellation fees.

This agreement shall be binding when the rental contract between LCV and the Guest has been validated (24 hours after booking) or signed by Guest. All advance payments, balances, and security deposits (if applicable) are deposited into LCV's Escrow account. Credit card(s) used will stay on file until after your departure and the property is reviewed and found in the same condition as upon your arrival. Renter authorizes LCV to charge credit card(s) on file for any unit damages caused by renter that are not covered by the Security Deposit Protection (see DAMAGES AND SECURITY DEPOSIT PROTECTION PLAN).

GUEST CANCELLATIONS: 24 hours from the time terms and conditions have been emailed to the email address on customer reservation, Guest is able to cancel with full refund of the deposit less the $25 cancellation fee. After 24 hours, Guest is responsible for reviewing the confirmation, terms & conditions, and notifying LCV of any errors within 24 hours of email receipt. If Guest does not receive emailed terms and conditions, Guest must notify LCV within 24 hours of the time reservation is made or all cancellation policies and other terms will apply. We highly recommend purchasing travel insurance for peace of mind (SEE RED SKY TRAVEL INSURANCE below). 

Reservations for stays less than 28 nights in duration: In the event of a cancellation for any reason after the first 24 hours of booking and up to 30 days prior to the arrival date, Guest can cancel and be refunded all rental payments made thus far less the administrative fee.  Cancellations occurring less than 30 days prior to arrival will forfeit 100% of the reservation value. If final payment is not received by 30 days prior to arrival, the reservation balance will be charged to the credit card on file  

Reservations for stays greater than 27 nights in duration: In the event of a cancellation for any reason after the first 24 hours of booking, all payments made will be forfeited. If the reservation was not paid in full at the time of booking, and the second payment is not received by 45 days prior to arrival, the credit card on file will be charged.  

Reservations booked on third party sites (such as Airbnb/VRBO) will follow the cancellation policies listed on the booking site. Please check your reservation details on your confirmation from the booking site used to confirm the applicable policy.

 If RED SKY TRAVEL INSURANCE is purchased, trip cost can be reimbursed for covered cancellation reasons (See Travel Insurance section below). Future credits or date changes are not allowed, so trip cancellation insurance is strongly advised. CANCELLED RESERVATIONS WITHOUT RED SKY TRAVEL INSURANCE ARE NOT REFUNDABLE UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES.

Guest waives their right to any credit card chargebacks due to no shows, cancellations, or for any other reason.

TRAVEL INSURANCE/INCLEMENT WEATHER: Refunds will not be made for inclement weather under any circumstances unless travel insurance has been obtained, which covers certain weather conditions, including government mandated evacuations due to hurricanes and tropical storms. Call Luxury Coastal Vacations at 877-859-0113 to add travel insurance or visit www.trippreserver.com/sun-trip.html for more policy information.

Travel Protection Insurance, which is strongly recommended, is available to protect you and your traveling companions against emergencies (including hurricanes)for only 7.95% of the cost of your trip, and can cover renter and traveling companions in the event of hurricanes, job lay-offs, jury duty, death or illness of a member of the the traveling party or their immediate family, for cancellation due to medical emergency and for for emergency medical expenses incurred during your stay, including (but not limited to) services provided by walk in clinics and hospitals. We are pleased to offer Red Sky Travel Insurance, who offers coverage specific to coastal destinations for the unforeseen circumstances that could prevent travel.

You may add trip insurance from the time you make your reservation up to final payment due date (or at final payment date if made more than 45 days before arrival). However, it is recommended to purchase travel insurance as soon as possible, since pre-existing medical conditions may not be covered if insurance is not purchased within 48 hours of making reservation and insurance cannot be added if there are any named storms or hurricanes active. To add travel insurance, call Luxury Coastal Vacations at 877-859-0113.

IF YOU CHOOSE NOT TO PURCHASE THIS COVERAGE, NO REFUNDS WILL BE GIVEN FORANY REASON. All policy questions for coverage details should be directed to Red Sky at 866-889-7409. Questions concerning Red Sky Insurance can be obtained by reviewing the certificate of insurance on their website at www.redskyinsurance.com or calling 866-889-7409. Travel insurance will cover unanticipated events such as named hurricanes or other natural disaster at primary residence or vacation rental destination, sickness, injury, or death of you, a family member or traveling companion before or during your vacation, employer termination or layoff after 1 year of employment, mandatory jury duty, involvement in car accident driving to or from your vacation destination, or a road closure on the way to your vacation destination causing a delay of 6 or more hours, and cancellations due to death or illness of a member of the traveling party or their immediate family. The plan also offers medical compensation and emergency medical evacuations. View plan details at http://trippreserver.com/sun-trip.html.

PARKING: Some properties require parking passes, which may or may not be included in your rental fees. If your reservation payment does not include parking, you may be required to purchase parking passes upon arrival. Please reference your final access instructions for detailed parking information, which you will receive via email approximately 7 days prior to arrival. No boats, Jet Ski trailers, or motor home parking is allowed for most locations.

Some properties have very limited parking available, especially during peak times. Parking passes do not guarantee space will be available unless an assigned parking space or spaces are provided with your rental. LCV has no control over changes to parking rules, fees or availability made by individual resorts.

If needed, off-site parking may be available from a third party company for a fee. If you are bringing multiple vehicles or have questions about the parking policies for your resort please be sure to contact our office at 877-859-0113 or by email prior to arrival for maximum vehicle limits, on-site parking pass fees (if applicable) and off-site parking locations that may be available.

POOL/SPA/GULF: Guest acknowledges and specifically understands that drowning is a significant cause of death of young children and medically frail elderly or otherwise incapacitated persons. Consequently, guest agrees, as a material condition of this Agreement and as a material inducement to guest to enter into this Agreement, to constantly supervise, or provide constant adult supervision when children, medically frail elderly or otherwise incapacitated persons use, are near, or have any possible access, intentional or unintentional, to the swimming pool/spa/Gulf that is part of the premises. Guest further acknowledges and understands that the subjective swimming pool/spa and premises may not contain pool safety features or life guards designed to deny, delay or detect unsupervised entry to the swimming pool so as to reduce the risk of drowning or near-drowning incidents. Consequently, guest agrees, as a specific material condition of this Agreement and as a material inducement to guest to enter into this Agreement, to use all such safety devices as intended and to advise all family members, guests and invitees of said requirement, including, without limitation, any gate latches, exit alarms if applicable or swimming pool safety covers, if applicable. DO NOT TAMPER WITH OR DISABLE THE ALARMS. Guest is required to immediately notify LCV if any of the safety equipment malfunctions.

DOCKS: Guest is responsible to read the property description on www.luxurycoastalvacations.com to verify if the property comes with boat dockage. Guest must verify the depth and length of the dock and LCV will assume no responsibility if the guest’s boat or watercraft will not properly fit. Never may more than two boats occupy any property/resort. Trailer storage may or may not be available on the property and guest is responsible for verifying this information with LCV when renting a private home, or with the complex if renting within a condo or other communal property.

GRILLS: If your unit is equipped with a gas grill, charcoal cannot be used. Guest must clean grill before departure or incur a cleaning fee (minimum $25 fee). If the grill is out of propane or runs out during your stay, please exchange tanks locally and email us the receipt within 7 days of departure for reimbursement.

PESTS/SEA GRASS: Properties are located in tropical climates, and pests such as ants, scorpions and palmetto bugs, etc. are common. Every precaution will be taken, but not guaranteed, that the interior of your property will be free from living pests. Sea grass is common and does have a distinct and unpleasant odor. We have no control over the winds and the grass that may blow onto the shore of your property.

UTILITIES: Cable TV and internet are included in most, but not all homes; guest is responsible to verify this information. LCV is not responsible if services are interrupted or not available in every room of the property. Guest is not entitled to any refunds or charge card charge backs for the lack of or interruption of service or channels (ie ESPN, HBO, etc).

Most units are equipped with high speed internet, but an Ethernet (“Cat 5”) cable may be required if internet access is desired. Many units include free wireless internet, but if you are unsure please contact us in advance. Because individual settings on internet and wifi-enabled devices may not be compatible with the internet service settings in the rental property, we cannot guarantee the reliability or connectivity of internet, nor are we responsible for providing internet troubleshooting services. However, there will be contact information in the unit for the Internet Service Provider's Technical Support Staff in the unit, and they can be contacted in the event you should experience internet connectivity issues.

Please help conserve electricity and water. If you will be gone for the day set the thermostat up. Never run the AC with the doors or window open. Doing so will freeze up the unit and you will be responsible for the HVAC service fee.

TELEPHONE: Not all properties offer phone service, however, if your rental has telephone service, local calls from the premises are free; however, there may be an irremovable long-distance block requiring a credit card to place calls. Unauthorized long-distance charges via phone, fax, or computer entail cost of charges plus a $20.00 fee.

NON-AVAILABILITY/SUBSTITUTIONS: Guest acknowledges that the availability of the home is not guaranteed. Should the home confirmed by Guest become unavailable for any reason, LCV will inform Guest when non-availability is certain, and prior to check-in whenever possible. LCV is a representative of the home owner. LCV reserves the right to make cancellations when deemed necessary by the home owner. In the event of a required cancellation or if the home should become unavailable for any reason other than natural disaster, every attempt to relocate Guest to a comparable home will be made, unless Guest requests a refund in which case Guest will be issued a full refund less the Admin Fee. Guest is responsible to pay any additional amount on a substitute home that exceeds the original reservation amount.

REAL ESTATE LISTINGS: Your unit may be shown by a licensed real estate agent during your stay. If so, you will be contacted and given at least 24 hours notice and the showing will be scheduled at your convenience. If the unit is sold, the rental will most likely be transferred to the new owner. If not, you will have the option to switch to a comparable unit if available or be refunded any payments made.

ACCOMMODATIONS: Individually and privately owned, each home reflects the tastes of its owner(s). Every effort is made to assure accurate descriptions with no intentional misrepresentation. Renter agrees to accept the rental property on arrival, provided it meets the basic description on the rental website. Renter will not be entitled to a refund or relocation to another property and will have no claim or recourse against the Owner or LCV. Changes in furnishings between time of booking and arrival may sometimes be completed by owner without notification. Substitutions and refunds will not be made upon arrival for any reason. Distances to the beach are approximate. Guest acknowledges they have verified the dates and property/unit number on their confirmation to be correct. Refunds will not be given, and changes cannot be made for date or property errors not reported within 24 hours of making reservation. Reservations that are cancelled within the initial 24 hour period will be subject to a $25 processing fee.

REPAIRS/ RIGHT OF ENTRY /REFUNDS: Guest agrees to report all inoperative and/or missing equipment to LCV within one hour of arrival by email to reservations@luxurycoastalvacations.com. Guest will email, call the office or emergency contact number (877-859-0113) and leave a message should repairs be needed during their stay. LCV will schedule service and have parts ordered as quickly as possible. Under no circumstances will guest(s) be entitled to any refund or a credit card charge back after the departure date of their contract, unless agreed to by the parties in writing prior to departure. Once you have completed your stay (departure date/ standard check-out time) you waive all rights to any credit card charge backs or refunds. LCV or authorized employee, repair technician, or landlord will have right of entry at any time. No refunds/Charge card charge backs are allowed for: delay of check-in or early check-out (for any reason), damage to Guests' belongings due to malfunctioning equipment/appliances, discoloration of clothing due to chemical content of water; mechanical failures of appliances/electronics/mechanicals, interruption/loss of utilities (including cable, pool heat, refrigeration, air conditioning, internet service or any other reason whatsoever), or inclement weather including hurricanes or any other natural disaster/occurrence.

NON-LIABILTY FOR PERSONAL PROPERTY: Guest acknowledges that the availability of the home is not guaranteed. Should the home confirmed by Guest become unavailable for any reason, LCV will inform Guest when non-availability is certain, and prior to check-in whenever possible. LCV is a representative of the home owner. LCV reserves the right to make cancellations when deemed necessary by the home owner. In the event of a required cancellation or if the home should become unavailable for any reason other than natural disaster, every attempt to relocate Guest to a comparable home will be made, unless Guest requests a refund in which case Guest will be issued a full refund less the Admin Fee. Guest is responsible to pay any additional amount on a substitute home that exceeds the original reservation amount.

GUEST OBLIGATIONS: (a) Reasonable and orderly conduct by all guests in the residence with respect given to the terms of this Agreement, the property, the law and the neighbors; (b) Guest is responsible for damages as outlined under DAMAGES; (c) Guest agrees to indemnify and save LCV and its employees free and harmless from any liabilities for any loss or damage whatsoever arising from, related to, or in connection with the use of the premises, including, but not limited to, any claim or liability for personal injury or damage or loss of property which is made, incurred or sustained by Guest or Guests of Guest under any circumstance; (d) Guest agrees to evacuate the premises if State or local authorities order a mandatory evacuation of an area that includes the premises, in which case. Guest must take all possessions as re- entry cannot be guaranteed and. In the event of a mandatory evacuation NO REFUNDS will be issued by LCV. Recommended trip insurance is available through LCV prior to final payment due date; (e) Guest agrees to abide by all rules of any homeowners or condominium association, City and State Ordinances.

Should any of the terms of this agreement be breached by Guest, resulting in legal action on the part of the LCV or Owner against Guest(s) in court or a settlement is reached, LCV or Owner shall be entitled to collect all costs of said legal action including, but not limited to, reasonable attorney's fees.

OCCUPANCY/CONDUCT/EJECTMENT: The occupancy period begins at check-in on arrival date (4 PM or later) and ends at 10:00 AM on departure date. Unit is restricted solely to the specific number of occupants as stated on your reservation confirmation. Guest is responsible to confirm bedding configuration and must give LCV an accurate number of occupants to include children and infants/toddlers. The signer of this Agreement must be 25 years of age or above (legal photo ID required upon request of LCV) and that signer must be in occupancy of said unit during the entire Agreement period. LCV reserves the right to deny occupancy, evict and refuse refund to anyone at any time that appears to be detrimental to the property or in violation of the age restrictions and any other rules set forth. No visitors are allowed on the premises after 10:00PM. Guest shall not unnecessarily make, continue, or cause to be made or continued, any noise disturbance before 8:00AM or dawn, whichever is earlier, and after 10:00PM Additionally, during those same hours, the occupancy load may not exceed the maximum number of overnight tenants.

Guest acknowledges and agrees that LCV may remove or cause to be removed from the premises any Guest or occupant who, while at the premises, illegally possesses or deals in controlled substances, violates any of the terms of this Agreement, is intoxicated, profane, lewd or brawling, who indulges in any language or conduct which disturbs the peace and comfort of other guests or neighbors, or which constitutes a nuisance, or which injures the reputation, dignity or standing or the premises, or anyone who fails to make payment of fees at the agreed-upon rate and fees at the agreed-upon times, or anyone who fails to check-out at the agreed-upon time unless an extension of time is expressly agreed to by LCV, in writing, prior to check-out. Admission to and removal from the premises are not and shall not be based upon race, creed, color, sex, physical disability or national origin. Any notice to vacate may be given orally or in writing by LCV to Guest or occupant, and if in writing shall be as follows: "You are hereby notified that this establishment no longer desires to entertain you as its guest, and you are requested to leave at once. To remain after receipt of this notice is a misdemeanor under the laws of this State."

Any Guest who is asked to vacate early and has paid in advance will forfeit all advanced payments. LCV Will retain any monies collected without further notice as agreed upon liquidated damages, consideration for the execution of this Agreement and in full settlement of all claims, or LCV, at their option, may proceed at law with any damages claim. Any guest who remains or attempts to remain in the premises after being requested to vacate shall be guilty of a misdemeanor of the second degree punishable in accordance with Florida law. If any person is illegally at the subject premises, LCV may call upon any law enforcement officer of this State for assistance. If the Guest is arrested, LCV shall employ all reasonable and proper means to care for any personal property which may be left at the premises by the guest; however, upon arrest, the guest shall be deemed to have given up any right of occupancy and to have abandoned such rights. Guest may not assign or sublet units.

USE OF FACILITIES: By accepting occupancy of the vacation property, the guest agrees to hold harmless the property owner, the management company, and the association for accidents or injuries sustained inside rental property or while using available facilities at property. By using these facilities, the guest assumes responsibility and liability for their own actions. Renter agrees to indemnify and save harmless Owner and Owner’s representatives from any and all costs, expenses, legal proceedings, attorney fees, suits, claims or demands whether from loss of life, damage to the property, or injury to the Renter, renter’s agent, family, or guest entering the property or resort of every kind and nature. Renter, renter’s family, guests, children, agents, employees or visitors must agree to abide by the “Rules of the Resort” and applicable Florida laws. The use of fireworks is prohibited on all our vacation properties. Local city ordinances and fire code prohibit the use of fireworks on beaches, building, or grounds. Loud music and large parties are not allowed in the condo or on the property. Renter will maintain the premises in good order and appearance. Fire department regulations prohibit the use of grills on all decks, porches and balconies. A common area grill may be located in the pool area for guest use. Escambia County requires that all tents, chairs, umbrellas, toys, etc., be removed from the beach every night before sunset. Maximum occupancy in condo is posted on website as per Owner, Resort and local Fire Marshall. Exceeding limit will result in eviction and forfeiture of rent.

HOLD HARMLESS: Guest is responsible for and shall indemnify LCV and hold them harmless from any and all claims, liability, demands, actions, causes of action, expenses, damages, losses or injuries sustained by any person including Guest, Guest's family, agents, guests or invitees as a result of or arising from the Guest's subject occupancy, including, but in no way limited to claims arising from the use of any pool, hot tub, spa-pool, water area or dock, which are part of or associated with the premises. Guest shall also be liable and indemnify LCV and property owners for attorney's fees and court costs incurred by LCV and property owners in enforcing any of the terms, covenants or conditions of this Agreement or which are sustained by LCV and property owners as a result of or arising from or during Guest's subject occupancy.

Luxury Coastal Vacations and its property owners shall in no event have any liability to Tenant or any person Tenant causes or permits to occupy the premise resulting from alleged exposure to any virus or illness, and the Tenant releases Luxury Coastal Vacations and its property owners from and indemnifies Luxury Coastal Vacations and its property owners against any claims by any party relating to same in connection with the premises.

MEDIATION: In the event of a disagreement between the parties concerning an alleged breach or interpretation of this agreement, the parties consent to binding, mandatory mediation with a certified mediator in Pensacola, Escambia County, Florida. The party not prevailing shall pay all the mediation fees. This agreement contains the entire agreement between the parties hereto and may be modified only in writing signed by all parties. This agreement shall be binding upon and insure to the benefit of the successors and assigns of the agent and the heirs, administrators, executors, successors and assigns of the owner. It shall be governed by the local ordinances of the municipality and County, the laws of the State, and the laws of the United States of America. If any provisions of this agreement inadvertently are in conflict with said ordinances or laws, the latter shall prevail.

Disregarding certain policies will result in additional charges, which will be processed via the credit card on file or deducted from the security deposit. Violations resulting in additional charges include but are not limited to the following:

  • Bringing a pet into a Pet-Friendly Rental without a Pet Rider and paying the PET FEE in advance will result in a $350 fine. Bringing a pet into a non-pet friendly rental will result in a $500 (minimum) fine, not including costs of damage, additional cleaning, etc.
  • Missing Beach passes (when applicable), $75 per pass
  • Not following departure instructions posted in the unit, missing items, intentional damages or excessive cleaning/laundry will be charged to card as listed on the schedule in the unit. Any and all fines from the City and/or Resort as a result of guest’s actions. MAKE SURE you follow departure instructions!
  • Exceeding the maximum occupancy stated on the lease will result in a charge of $300 per person.
  • Failure to return all keys, wristbands, fobs, and/or parking passes (when applicable) will result in an automatic charge of up to $200, depending on the property. If items are returned, the amount will be refunded accordingly.
  • Smoking or unapproved pets in any Luxury Coastal Vacations unit will result in $500 fee.
  • Late check outs will result in $250 fee.
  • Any other documented damages.
  • Failing to remove garbage or start dishwasher on departure day.
  • HVAC repair costs due to running AC while doors/windows are open
  • Other negligent acts resulting in damage or repair.

*LCV reserves the right to pursue legal actions to reclaim damage fees in excess of $1,000

VIOLATION OF ANY OF THE ABOVE POLICIES: Many of the above policies are designed to comply with local laws, ordinances, association by laws or other compliance requirements which owners are subject to. Others are designed to protect the rights of owners and guests. By confirming this reservation, guest agrees to abide by these policies. Guests who violate the above policies are subject to eviction and forfeiture of all payments.

Receipt of Reservation notification via email constitutes acceptance of these Terms and Conditions of Occupancy Agreement in full 24 hours from the time the reservation is made.


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