Unit Inventory List

The list below includes all items that are in each unit in our program.

If any of these items are missing during your stay, please call/text our maintenance team to bring a replacement.


Sauce Pans 
Frying Pans 
Hi-Wall Skillet w/lid
Stock Pot 
Cookie Sheet 
Muffin Pan 
Pizza Pan 
9 X 13 Baking Pan
Broiler Pan 
Serving Utensils
Cookware Utensils
Chef's Knives 
Cutting Boards 
Can Opener 
Hand Mixer
Mixing Bowls

Grill Utensils
Grill Lighter 
(Included only in units
with private grills)

Oven Mitts
2 QT Pitcher 
Cork Screw 
Potato Peeler 
Pizza Cutter 
Rubber Spatulas 
Crock Pot 
Cheese Grater 
Wine Glasses 
Plastic/Silicone Spoons 
Potato Masher 
Measuring Spoons
Measuring Cups 
Kitchen Scissors 
Fire Extinguisher 

Regular 12-Cup Drip 
Coffee Maker

Laundry & Bathroom


Mop Bucket

Broom/Dust Pan 
Trash Can (1 in Kitchen & 1 Per Bathroom) 
Toilet Brush (1 per Bathroom) 
Hairdryer (1 per condo)

Plunger-Located in A/C Closet 
Laundry Basket 

Iron Board 
Hangers/10 per Closet

Additional Blankets in Closets

Several Sets of Bath Linens 
-Hand Towels, Wash Cloths, Bath Towels
-Number of Sets Varies Depending on the Unit Size

Complimentary Essentials

1 Roll of Toilet Paper per bathroom

1 Roll of Paper Towels in Kitchen

1 Dishwasher Powder Packet

1 3oz Bottle of Dish Soap

1 Kitchen Sponge

1 Bag of Single Use Shampoo, Conditioner, Shower Gel, Body Lotion located in Master Bath

1 Bar of Bath Soap in each Bathroom

1 Box of Facial Tissues

2 Kitchen Trash Bags

1 Small Packet of HE Laundry Detergent (included only in units that have a washer/dryer)

These items are meant to sustain guests for the first one to two days of their stay. We recommend purchasing additional supplies.

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