The gulf coast offers a variety of local delicacies to delight every palate! One of best dishes you can find at most restaurants, are many versions of fish tacos filled to the brim with fresh caught fish including mullet, snapper, sheepshead, amberjack or flounder. Our newest discovery were the amazing naan tacos at The Royal Oyster in Gulf Shores, AL. These delectable morsels featured fresh slaw, spicy ailoi and the fish of the day: shark! In addition, we grabbed a side of crispy brussel sprouts and took a seat in their outdoor dining section, overlooking a lagoon filled with wildlife which was perfect for a beautiful spring day.

The Royal Oyster is a small place off of the main drag of Gulf Shores Parkway, close enough to the action, but set in a more natural setting. They’re known for what-else, but their unique take on oysters which include items such as the Chipotle Bourbon oysters featuring chipotle honey better and Buffalo Trace bourbon (shout out to my fellow Kentuckians!) They have both small plates for sharing and entrees for those wanting something a bit heavier. Between the view, the fabulous food and the local feel of this place, we would highly recommend you put it on your list! 

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