Condo Magic: Boost Your Gulf Coast Rental Rates with These 5 Decor Tips

Many vacation rental hosts in Florida think investing in beach rental interior design is a secondary concern. However, industry data shows that having a design-focused mindset can actually bump up your revenues.

Just think about it: if you’re going on a family vacation trip to the beach, would you prefer staying in a beach rental that’s somewhat boring and lacking character or in a place that exudes style and captures the vibe of the place you’re visiting?
Not a difficult choice, right? Most people would choose a stylish place and would also be willing to pay a little extra for it.

A well-decorated home will almost always outshine a plain one, even if they offer the same level of comfort.

In this blog, we’ll give you valuable decor tips and analyze three of our beach condo properties that sit next to each other in Perdido Key from a design perspective. Then, you’ll be able to understand why one of them shines brighter than the others resulting in a boost to its nightly rates.

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1.  Create the ultimate composition

When it comes to creating a beautiful and attractive space for your beach rental, the right composition makes a big difference. The furniture you choose is the most important aspect.

To give your space a modern touch, try incorporating contemporary design elements into your decor. Even if you have a traditional setting, you can still add sleek and stylish pieces to your space.

In most cases when it comes to beach rental decor, contemporary design elements such as simple, minimalist pieces with textured or block-colored fabrics and thinner legs will make the space feel lighter and elegant.

Carpets are also an important element in creating a sense of space and can be used to complement your furniture choices. For a modern look, opt for carpets with soft colors or interesting textures.

How does Indigo East get it right?

The living room at Indigo East

Indigo East excels in making the perfect furniture selections. The sofa features a simple and clean design, with its neutral and monochrome color scheme contributing to a light and airy vibe in the space. The armchair, cushions, and sofa throw showcase intriguing patterns that provide a delightful contrast to the sofa, adding a playful touch to the room. To complete the atmosphere, the textured rug not only adds a sense of elegance but also covers a large enough area to encompass multiple pieces at once, creating a sense of spaciousness and sophistication.

The living room at  Beach Colony West 11C

In contrast, in the living area of Beach Colony West 11C, the furniture combination appears both bulky and mismatched, and the rug, aside from being overly large and somewhat awkwardly positioned within the space, is excessively colorful, contributing to a sense of clutter.

The color palette on the walls is also too intense, not conveying the refreshing feeling you’d typically expect at the beach.

Extra tip: there still exists a market for larger, more traditional pieces of furniture, but this demographic tends to consist of older individuals who spend less money. If your goal is to generate a substantial passive income from your rental, it’s worth considering the design of your space to cater to your target audience rather than solely reflecting your personal taste.

2. Pick a Theme

Vintage, intricate, or artistic pieces can also work wonders in your decor. When chosen thoughtfully, they can really elevate and give character to any living space. A helpful tip is to select items that match the history or ambiance of your rental location.

Artifacts and objects crafted by local artisans, as well as artworks that capture the essence of the area, are excellent for creating a theme in your rental space and weaving a story into your decor. This will undoubtedly enhance your guests’ experience and make their stay much more memorable.

A good way to go about choosing a refreshing color palette is to draw inspiration from the beach views and the natural colors outside your window.

How does Indigo East get it right?

Indigo East incorporates a variety of clever artworks and statement pieces to capture the essence and culture of the surroundings. For example, the choice of paintings in both the hallway and bedroom reflects marine and nautical themes. You’ll find numerous details that evoke seashells, marine life, and elements like ropes and driftwood. Additionally, the color palette predominantly features blues and creams, which perfectly complements a beach-themed decor.

The living room at Beach Colony East 7C

The decor in the living room of Beach Colony East 7C is crafted from high-quality and elegant pieces, which, when brought together, create a sense of sophistication. However, there isn’t a cohesive theme, and it doesn’t evoke the feeling of a beach condo.

Extra tip: when it comes to telling a story or picking your theme, you can start with the name of your rental. Pick something simple, like a color or a reference to something around you. Then think about carrying this theme through the condo, just like Indigo East does with the color indigo. Also, avoid being too literal and aim to create a memorable vibe that people are not consciously aware of.

3. Mix Natural and Artificial Lighting & Bet on Sculptural Lamps

Lighting, artificial or natural, can enhance colors, textures, and the overall mood of a space. The key in interior decor is to strive for the right balance between natural and effective artificial lighting to improve your aesthetic.

It’s always good to provide the entire home with general indirect lighting. Table and floor lamps give your space an emotional impact, and they sometimes are built with sculptural quality making for an extra statement, especially if they relate to your chosen theme. Likewise, beautiful hanging lights add extra charm and create a cozy atmosphere.

Remember that natural light is good, but sometimes it can be too much, especially in a place that’s almost always bright like Florida!

Curtains and blinds are the best way to ensure that the room is not too bright, and you can play with the level of transparency and aim to diffuse the light smoothly throughout the space.

Since they come in various materials, textures, styles, and colors, they can also do wonders for your interior design.

How does Indigo East get it right?

The Indigo East nails it by striking a perfect balance between natural and artificial light, along with selecting sculptural pendants and side lamps that harmonize with the overall beachy atmosphere they aim to create in their decor. The result is undoubtedly an elegant one.

Extra tip: offer your guests greater control over their lighting with dimmer switches or curtains, and always steer clear of LED ‘daylight’ bulbs or fluorescent lighting, as they emit harsh spikes that can be uncomfortable for the eyes and can significantly detract from the ambiance of any room.

4. Make use of flowers and house plants

Another great way to add some character to your room is by harnessing the charm of indoor plants. And it’s not just about the looks with this one; people generally love having a touch of greenery around since it’s like a breath of fresh air — even if in a home by the sea.

Houseplants create these little fresh spots throughout the home, making, for instance, a coffee table more inviting and sprinkling some good vibes into your bathroom.

For an added touch of nature, consider adorning your walls with artwork featuring nature themes — including in bathrooms to create a spa-like atmosphere. You can also choose furniture and curtains with patterns inspired by the natural world. And that’s not restricted to plants; seashells and driftwood, for instance, reinforce that beach theme we discussed earlier.

Extra tip: worried about the amount of work that house plants bring? They don’t always have to be the real deal. You can also use artificial plants to bring that indoor freshness. They’re way easier to handle, and these days, they look so lifelike you’ll be fooled.

How does Indigo East get it right?

Bathroom and bedroom at Indigo East

There’s a variety of floral touches all around Indigo East. In the bedroom, flowers infuse a burst of color, while in the bathroom, they conjure up that luxurious spa-like ambiance you’d find in fancy hotels. The question is, are they real or faux? It’s a mystery that’s hard to unravel. Either way, they work their magic!

Extra tip: when you’re choosing artificial plants, consider your geographic location. For example, having wintry plants in Florida might not be the best fit. If you’re leaning towards faux options, stores like Hobby Lobby, Amazon, and Wayfair offer fantastic selections of lifelike artificial plants, trees, and seasonal arrangements.

The dining room at Beach Colony East 7C

Beach Colony East 7C has a generous variety of plants in their decor, which is great. However, they could enhance the selection by opting for species that better suit the beach environment, like succulents and tropical plants. Topiary, on the other hand, typically suggests a more formal setting.

5. Make Your Kitchen Look Fancy

Research shows that people who choose short-term rentals over hotels often seek well-equipped kitchens — they want to feel at home and wear their ched hats! You can leverage this insight to enhance the attractiveness of your rental.

The kitchen serves as a focal point in any family vacation rental, offering a space for people to come together, connect, and build lasting memories. A fully-equipped, high-quality kitchen with well-selected countertops with materials such as granite, marble, or quartz, will unquestionably enhance the appeal of your property.

How does Indigo East get it right?

The Kitchen at Indigo East

Indigo East embraces a spacious and elegant design, featuring white marble kitchen countertops, white cabinets, and a beautiful pendant lamp. All the hardware is also updated, contributing to the sleek look.

The kitchen at Colony East 11C

While spacious and adequately equipped, the kitchen at Beach Colony East 11C lacks a modern and inviting touch. The cabinetry, appliances, and lighting appear outdated, and it doesn’t give off the impression of a high-end kitchen.

Boost Your Nightly Rental Prices by Investing in Quality Interior Design

In general, the closer your cabin resembles a genuine, well-crafted home with unique and considerate details, the greater the chances guests will appreciate and care for it in the same manner.

A well-thought-out decor leads to a more unforgettable experience for guests. They will certainly capture and share more photos with their loved ones. Needless to say, they are more likely to return for another stay.

Final tip: whatever you do, have fun decorating your space. This is an opportunity to cherish and celebrate your amazing beach rental property! 

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