What Sets Leading Homes Apart in the Gulf Coast Short-Term Rental Market? (With Case Study)

As expert rental managers in the Gulf Coast, we know how overcrowded this market is getting. Stats show our segment had a considerable increase in inventory over the last years. As competition heats, only truly unique rentals will stand out from the noise and get constant bookings.

The trick is paying attention to the quality of your photos and updating your decor, but there are also other factors that will make you stand out from the countless other rentals in our region: your amenities.

Let’s dig into some of our high-performing properties to understand how they seize the spotlight, capture guests’ attention, and keep them happy throughout their stay. While we’re analyzing extra-large rentals with many rooms, you can also follow the examples for smaller units.

Ready? There’s a lot of rental inspiration ahead!

Sol Searching, 3 Bedrooms

Sol Searching’s optimal image group is truly captivating.

Sol Searching performs really well with an elegant interior design. The modern furniture, color scheme, and smaller amenities make the space look stylish and attractive to potential guests. The nautical decor also brings character to the home. 

Choosing decorative elements and colors that relate to the location and the surroundings of your property is a great way to give your decor a boost. Since we are talking about the Gulf Coast, everything related to the delightful beach atmosphere guests are looking for will spruce up your game.

Another outstanding feature of Sol Searching is its balcony overlooking the waterfront. They made the most of this area creating a truly cozy space with rustic-chic furniture where guests can enjoy the view in a comfortable way.

The photo showing the balcony and the views is an attention grabber, and it has the power to make potential guests imagine themselves enjoying the space while admiring the beautiful views.

On top of that, Sol Searching does it right in photographing the exterior of the property where guests can see that they offer a parking area. In this way, they show guests one more important amenity and answer common inquiries about parking before they’re even asked.

Guests of Sol Searching also have access to a public deck with a stunning view of the sea and a large pool — both a feast for the eyes.

The photos of the common area of Sol Searching are another way to capture guests’ attention. The inviting pool and the deck facing the sea immediately jump into the eyes of viewers and let them know that there’s no lack of entertainment options on the property.

Through these beautiful photos, guests can get an idea of the main areas of Sol Searching and see how everything is beautifully decorated according to the same theme.

One amenity that deserves special attention is the kitchen. Many guests seeking short-term rentals prioritize a well-equipped kitchen with top-notch appliances, allowing them to don their chef’s hat and gather with family. If the kitchen is integrated into the living area, like at Sol Searching, even better!

Additional photos showcasing the common areas at Sol Searching, featuring the restaurant, bar, and a relaxing hydro pool — an array of entertainment options for guests.

Pro tip: the more amenities you have, the more you’ll stand out. There’s always a way to elevate your rental game by adding extra things that will entice potential guests and make their stay a five-star experience. Another amenity we like to recommend rental owners include in their properties is a grill. Like a well-equipped kitchen, offering a grill is just one more way to show potential guests how they can make the most of your space with their entire family.

Ole River Cottage, 3 bedrooms

Ole River Cottage’s optimal group shows the lush property surroundings and the proximity of the property to the water.

Ole River Cottage’s hero image displays the property’s exterior, nestled amidst lush trees, a great way to emphasize its proximity to nature. The same holds true for the balcony and pier photos, showing that connection to nature is a major feature of this Gulf Coast rental.

The mix of photos is also clever for offering a blend of interior and exterior spaces. For instance, the well-decorated interior highlights the connection to nature through its large windows, reinforcing the bond with the natural world.

The attic at Ole River Cottage is an excellent space for sipping wine and enjoying the views. The kids’ room features a small socializing area and provides ample space for them to have fun and keep their mess separate from the adults.

Ole River Cottage also has a wonderful attic with unobstructed views where guests can enjoy time with friends and family while sitting at the counter — a truly excellent addition to the property. Another outstanding feature is the kids’ room with bunk beds. The room doubles as a playroom, keeping the kids busy and ensuring some peace for the adults.

The kitchen in this property is connected to the living area and is well-equipped. It also boasts a decor that reflects the property’s location perfectly.

Regarding the kitchen, Ole River Cottage checks all the boxes. Besides being equipped with good appliances, the space is perfectly integrated with the living area, something that allows for more social engagement. The stylish decor, mixing blue and white on the walls, tiles, and furniture, elevates the space and aligns well with the atmosphere of coastal Florida.

Ole River Cottage’s seamless integration with local vegetation is a winning trait for Gulf Coast rentals in Florida.

More tips to elevate your property’s allure? Try these captivating extras:

  • A fire pit (perfect to stay even closer to nature!).
  • A secluded private pool for ultimate relaxation.
  • Outdoor entertainment on an inviting TV under the open sky.
  • A kids’ room equipped with gaming systems for endless fun.
  • Cinematic experiences in movie rooms, complete with popcorn machines and top-tier sound systems (for larger homes).

Emerald Tides, 4 Bedrooms

In its optimal group, Emerald Tides showcases its proximity to the beach, the cozy balcony, and the elegant interior.

Emerald Tides has a superb mix of photos displaying great amenities. Their cozy and well-decorated balcony offers stunning views of a golf course, and through drone images, viewers can see the surrounding area and the property’s proximity to the beach.

The decor of the balcony at Emerald Tides evokes a resort-like ambiance, while the living area incorporates local elements, creating an emotional connection with potential guests. Everything exudes the ultimate vacation vibe.

For interior design, Emerald Tides has it just right. The fabulous balcony overlooking the golf course boasts refined decor, giving the space a resort-like vibe. The living room cleverly incorporates local elements through cushions, paintings, carpet, and the table lamp — all featuring beach motifs that create an emotional connection with viewers.

A delightful touch is the ‘Perdido Key’ sign above the glass door leading to the balcony, adding an Instagrammable element that captures the attention of younger guests.

We’ve mentioned it countless times, but it’s a rule to always remember: go the extra mile in decorating your rental to make the most of your property and amenities.

Extra tip: if your property isn’t beachfront, having access to natural surroundings and other amenities nearby is a significant advantage. When promoting your rental, let your guests know about the attractions just steps away by including photographs. With Emerald Tides, they do so with great photos of the nearby beach and the adjacent golf course.

Great shots of the beach and the golf course that guests can easily access from Emerald Tides.

Inheritance Delayed, 6 bedrooms

Inheritance Delayed optimal group is all about showing off one of the property’s greatest features, the blue waters of the Gulf Coast as a backyard. 

What distinguishes Inheritance Delayed from the competition? The property’s backyard is nothing less than the tranquil blue waters of the Gulf Coast. Nestled right on the beach, this feature becomes vividly clear through captivating drone images. Potential guests will undoubtedly be instantly entranced by the house’s remarkable location.

But that’s not all. The property offers additional standout amenities. For instance, the deck boasts panoramic beach views, providing guests with a dreamy Florida backdrop. The same allure can be found on another smaller balcony facing the seaside. These spaces feature comfortable chairs where guests can relax, savor the scenery, and bask in the soothing breeze coming from the ocean.

Inheritance Delayed’s lovely decor blends various patterns, modern fabrics, and sophisticated furniture to establish a refined luxury ambiance.

Once again, we find exceptional decor in the living area, boasting a modern space interwoven with regional elements and colors that resonate with the environment. Their distinctive decor incorporates contemporary fabrics intermingled with assorted patterns, successfully striking a harmonious balance between rustic and sophisticated furniture and accessories. The result is a warm, inviting, and refined ambiance.

Luxury bedroom with great sea views and more Instagram-worthy details at Inheritance Delayed. 

Warmth and sophistication continue to prevail in the master bedroom, radiating luxury thanks to the breathtaking sea views and splendid decor.

More photos of Inheritance Delayed show how close the property sits to the beach. 

Inheritance Delayed’s ultimate amenity is its proximity to the beach, which serves as a central highlight of the house. Here, guests can relish the magnificent scenery and the sea, just a few steps from the rental. This amenity significantly elevates the sense of luxury and the overall appeal of the property.

Bird’s eye view shot of Inheritance Delayed. We just can’t get enough of this beachy vibe!

Bonus tip: Your Photos Matter

When people search for a rental online, the first thing that catches their eye is the photos. In today’s competitive marketplace, your pictures should be extra captivating and grasp viewers’ attention in a split second.

All the homes above did a great job of investing in great pictures showing the rental at its finest. For more insights, check this blog with tips on how to improve your photo game and make more money with your property. 

Secrets to Standing Out with Your Short-term Beach Rental

Another secret to making your beach rental stand out?  Embrace its uniqueness, be creative, and dare to be different.

You know what they say, “In a world of ordinary, dare to be extraordinary.”

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